Saturday, January 30, 2010

ask again later

Jen Yates, the author of the blog Cake Wrecks, made the metaphorical milk come out my nose this morning with her depictions of what happens when baking and professional sports collide. "Is this a football?" she wonders aloud below the picture to the right. "Ask again later."

Yates has written a book by the same name, and I'm going to buy it--this is one of those topic areas that shows zero promise until someone with the right weaponry aims and fires; life may not be hugely better but it's definitely stranger after you've spent some time looking at the foot-shaped cakes she found, one fully equipped with greenish toenail fungus. Yes, it's gross, but it's also a compelling demonstration of how much thought and attention can be expended on a bad idea. Icing becomes transcendent; or, as one of her followers comments, "Why, why, why do wreckerators do such horrible things with chocolate frosting? I used to like it. Now I just think of poo."

What pleases me most about this particular mess of a cake is the packaging--it's clearly going retail, complete with a price tag. Somebody, somewhere, thinks this is alluring and yes, even purchasable.


  1. If her book tour comes anywhere near you, make that scene. I saw her here in Dallas and she was wonderful.

  2. I've ordered the book and am amazingly impatient for it to arrive. I may have it in me to be a cake slut.