Friday, July 9, 2010

Candy from away

This little bit of candy was a gift from a local Thai restaurant. We've gotten friendly with the owner, and this was a freebie add-on to an order of rad nah and plah sam rod--the names of what you can eat at this place all look like that, as if the vowels and consonants have been sucking on a bhong.

Here's the thing--we tried the twin of this one (he gave us two, with a giggle and a little flourish), and it tastes almost exactly like a dog yummy. Remember those? We do, because we both ate dog treats when we were little; maybe a lot of little kids do. Kids are always hungry and always curious.

When I was small I ate a lot of crayons, candle wax, and dirt, and it looks like my palate has gotten a bit more sophisticated since then. But apparently this is legitimate candy if you come from Thailand. Which raises a question--what do their dog treats taste like? And would I like them?


  1. LOLOL - love Thai, but in future will pass on any freebie dog tr.., er, candy.

  2. I love Thai too, more than almost anything, but we laughed until we wept over the sheer horribleness of this. We'd lick it, make a face, and then dare each other to lick it again.